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Beautiful. Add me to the mailing list for the upcoming events please and thank you.
beautiful bird
Chicago, IL USA -

Haven't been in the life long but I have partied a many clubs. John you "take me higher" than I ever been with your parties Love.
You definitely know what the ladies who love ladies ENJOY!

Kisses to you


Chicago, Il USA -

HELP! HELP! HELP! I have missed every party since November. I get the invites in the mail one maybe two days after the parties have taken place. I really don't want to miss another one. Please contact me and let meknow if you have anything coming up in the next month
Foxy Two Eight
Chicago, IL USA -

When is your next GRRL PARTAY????
Chicago, IL USA -

Hello ladies!!!
I was just looking around the internet for some private womens parties. They seem pretty hard to find. Me and a couple of friend used to go to this one party that was held monthly and it was great!!!! It was a turn on.. Can someone please please email me a list of women parties held throughout the chicagoland area. Have a great day!!!!!

Oak Lawn, IL USA -

would like to know when your next party is and would u please up date ur website on ongoing events,wouldnt want to miss any of ur party. thanxs
Mildred Pizarro
chicago, il USA -

Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work.
Samantha Williams
USA, none USA -

All I have to say to you John is...LUVVVV IT!
chicago, il USA -

Hello. Nice Site. Please keep us posted on the up and coming events. We'd love to attend.

Ron & Jackie
Just chillin in GI.

Ron & Jackie
Gary, IN USA -

Hello there to John, and all of the Madman Productions team. Please keep myself, and my group of ladies informed about all of the current Lipstick & Lace Parties cuz we will always be in the house!! I love the parties, and you can count on me for continued support!!

Nicole Rae
South Side-Chi

Nicole Rae
Chicago, IL USA -

i would like to receive information on your parties that you have throughout the year.
chicago, il usa -

got a forwarded e-mail from a friend that says you guys are throwing a set at "THE DISTRICT" this saturday.e-mail me and let us know if this is gonna be! all the blessings to you! dee-dee!

Great site! Keep up the good efforts!
Windy City, USA -

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