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Love the parties, keep them coming.its great to see so many beautiful ladies.
chicago, ill USA -

Your part-tsss r the best , keep up the fab nite life
Stacey T.
chicago, il USA -


Man I am mad that I wasn't the first person to bless MadMan's guest book... but I am glad to attend and support all of your parties. I love Lipstick and Lace and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! I'll say it again I CAN NOT WAIT!!! for the White Heat Party on July 2, 2005... if you miss last year party you REALLY miss out. I am going to upgrade my carmera phone for a video phone because there be some B E A U T I F U L women at the White Heat Lipstick and Lace. Anyway Big hug and kiss to John and everyone who works with him. I wish MadMan production the best of luck and continue doing what you do it's your passion and you have my support. I will post your site on my yahoo group so the ladies can sign the guess book and can keep up with Lipstick and Lace parties. Peace & Blessings
Pretty Meka
chicago, il USA -

Hi John,
Just writing to encourage you to keep up the wonderful work!! By the way, would you mind adding me to Madman's email list? Thanks DB

Denise Brown
Chicago, Il USA -

I would like 2 know what's going on in my city. My girlfriend thinks Chicago night life suck and she from California, so let show her what the windy has to give!
Linda S. Hayes
chicago, IL USA -

I have been going to the Lipstick and Lace parties for 4 years. The first one I attended was at the Voyuer. My friends and I were at Rive Gauche for the collaboration between Lipstick & Lace and The Executive Sweet. This was the best party yet. The music, the cross section of people - both ages and races. was phenomenal. It was off the hook. I can't wait until May 29th. Thanks for staying with the grrls.
Chicago, Il USA -

I have really enjoyed visiting your website it is very informative and I especially like the links..........thankyou for making your website informative.........because this is what they are suppose to do "inform" many of them don't...........YOURS IS EXCELLENT!!!
Chicago, Il USA -

I've made many of your parties and have always had a ball. somehow I've never been on your mailing list (I spend most of my summer in Chicago so that may be why) please put me on.

Yanette Freeman
South Bend , in USA -

I enjoyed your last party and expect er-Felton
chicago, il USA -

I enjoyed your last party and expect to have a great time at the Valentine's party. It's fantastic to see hundreds of beautiful women under one roof!!
Milwaukee, WI USA -

hey how r u doin, wanted to say i enjoy L&L events.. keep em cummin!
chicago, il USA -

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